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Hooton Pagnell Fete

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Roche Abbey
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Hooton Pagnell Fete

Hooton Pagnell holds an annual Victorian Fete

Each year, the South Yorkshire village of Hooton Pagnell plays host to a very popular village fete, themed with a Victorian feel. There were morris dancers, a fairground organ, traditional ice-creams and authentic costumes. The Doncaster Waites performed in the church and the Doncaster Concert band gave an excellent concert in the performance area. There were tea and cakes in the church and many interesting stalls. A fashion parade was popular, not just for the ladies, but also the nearby morris men to couldn't resist the temptation to join in as they were assembling for their ever-popular and energetic dances of morris, longsword and rapper.

Ample car parking was provided  in a local field, and the whole event was well orgaised and enjoyable. The warm sunny weather was a big bonus, and encouraged the consumption of ice-creams.

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