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Yorkshire Moors

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Yorkshire Moors
Yorkshire Dales

Yorkshire Moors

Roseberry Topping

Roseberry Topping is a distinctive red sandstone hill on the border between North Yorkshire and the borough of Redcar and Cleveland, England, of which it has long been a symbol.
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Kilburn White Horse

Britain's largest and most northerly in England white horse figure is carved into the North York Moors hillside near the village of Kilburn. It was created in 1857 by school master John Hodgson and his pupils, together with local volunteers. During World War II the horse was covered over to prevent it from becoming a conspicuous navigation landmark for Luftwaffe bombers.


Sutton Bank


Riveaulx Abbey

 Rievaulx Abbey is a former Cistercian abbey, headed by the powerful Abbot of Rievaulx, located in the little village of Rievaulx, near Helmsley in North Yorkshire. Rievaulx Abbey was founded in 1132 by twelve monks from Clairvaux Abbey as a mission centre for the colonisation of the north of England and Scotland. It was the first Cistercian abbey in the north. It became one of the great Cistercian abbeys of Yorkshire, second only to Fountains Abbey in fame.

The remote location was ideal for the Cistercians, who desire to follow a strict life of prayer and self-sufficiency with as little contact as possible with the outside world.

The Abbey was dissolved by King Henry VIII in 1538. At that time there were said to be 72 buildings occupied by only an abbot and 21 monks, attended by 102 servants, with an income of 351 a year.


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